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Marijke Jährling - vocals and arrangements

Her voice gets under your skin: caressing in the depth at the same time rough and seductive, then shiny in the heights, delicate, girlish and with radiant clarity. In three and a half octaves Marijke Jährling paints pictures, builds sculptures of transparent beauty, tells touching stories of life. Her singing reflects her artistic career, her life, her various experiences. It leads back  to the record cabinet of her father.
Attentively she listened to John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Champion Jack Dupree and Janis Joplin. But also J. S. Bach, Franz Schubert and the classic voices of Callas and Kathleen Ferrier touched her deeply as a little girl and awoke an insatiable longing and an idea of the fulfillment: singing, making music. Self-taught, she came  from guitar and vocals to the tenor saxophone - and back to singing. Too shy to go on stage, she decided to first go to drama school but soon joined roles as a singer and then completely switched to Jazz.
She was taught by the classical countertenor Oliver May and Jazz-band practice with Jürgen Wuchner (Darmstadt, Germany), Jon Sass (Vienna/New York) and Oliver Steidle  (Berlin, Germany). She learned  Jazz singing with Diethra Bishop (Hilversum, NL) and Fay Victor (New York City). The New York vocalist to Jährling about her skills:” a great jazz singer…great affinity, very musical and you use your ear very well “. She played with among others Uli Partheil and Norbert Dömling, in New York with Anders Nielsen, Max Johnson  and  pianist Marco di Gennaro. His judgment: "Outstanding. It was a pleasure for me".
In 2011 she appeared as a vocalist on the CD “Lunch Love Live”, produced by composer and guitarist André Cézanne. She wrote  most of the lyrics   and  convinced  with a wide stylistic range: from Blues to a delicate Bossa, French chanson to classical interpretations of Fernando Pessoa-poems.
As the leader of her band  NOLA , Jährling dedicates the first project to Billie Holiday.  Jährling also embodies Billie Holiday in her self-written play "Billies Blues" at the Westside Theatre, Darmstadt, which  was running successfully in the theatre-program from 2012-2016.
In 2017  the album "Spheres Of Monk" on Dot Time Records (New York) was highly acclaimed by the press.
Rudolf Stenzinger - Bass

The well-versed bassist is characterized by a very personal sound  and is known as a creative  and reliable sideman. As such, he worked, i. a. , with Tony Lakatos, Annette Neuffer, Alberto Menendez, Michael Sorg, Claus Koch together with Jean-Francois Prins, Michael Keul, Thomas Bachmann and many others.  He toured through Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria and throughout Germany playing in concerts, as well with the "Sinatra Tribute Band" and the original line-up "The Tenor Badness".
Rudolf Stenzinger studied at the music colleges in Würzburg and Mainz under Henning Gailing, Vitold Rek and Prof. Rudi Engel. He received instruction from Reggie Johnson, Giorgos Antoniou, John Goldsby, Doug Weiss and Dwayne Burno.  He is a member of the stage band in “Billies Blues” at the West Side Theatre  in Darmstadt.
Steffen Müller-Kaiser
Tenor Saxophone/Bass Clarinet/Clarinet

 His tone makes him a unique dialogue partner for a singer , both on the saxophone and on the bass clarinet. In our drumless line-up his sense of  rhythm is an important thread in the sound texture  and  reliably supports the groove in the ever so finely spun ballad - without unnecessary frills or embellishments. Nevertheless Steffen Müller-Kaiser also proves musical humor, especially in his own compositions, being also active as a composer.
He studied music at the Conservatory “Bergstraße” under Wilma Kruse, as well as jazz and popular music under  Wolfgang Bleibel at the Academy of Music “Franz Liszt” in Weimar. In addition he  received  musical education by  Rainer  Heute  and Bernd Konrad. Steffen Müller-Kaiser played, among others ,in the "Open Doors Ensemble", Quattrophonium Ensemble, "Turnaround Jazz Duo", "Steffen Müller -Kaiser Quartett" and in the "Steffen Müller-Kaiser Organ Quartett". Besides he performed in several radio broadcast recordings and musical theatre productions , e. g. , at the state theatre in Wiesbaden. Since 2012 he sensitively plays the role of Lester Young in “Billies Blues” at the Westside Theatre  in Darmstadt .
Lukas Moriz - Piano

The young and very talented pianist Lukas Moriz (born 1992) is a discovery: From 2011-2015 he studied jazz piano under Sebastian Sternal and Jean-Yves Jung at the “Hochschule für Musik Mainz”. He got his education in improvisation by Rainer Böhm and Jesse Milliner.
His good ear for tonal nuances, his distinctive sense for arcs of suspense and consistently compositional thinking, even while improvising, creates a kind of music that unifies lyricism and energy in the most beautiful way. Music that easily bridges the interval between the earthy directness of jazz and the rich timbre of European art music. This compositional trait of his is perceivable in his "Lukas Moriz Trio". He performed  on stage both at the state theatre and the chamber plays theatre in Karlsruhe, at the “Kraichtal Jazzdays” ,in many jazz clubs and various festivals. He also is  a sought after sideman. Since 2012 he plays the piano in "Billies Blues"  at the Westside Theatre in  Darmstadt.

Marijke_Jaehrling blau Steffen Müller-Kaiser, Tenorsaxofon, Klarinetten - bearb

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Wilfried Sarajski

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      "Love For Sale" live

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 Holger Nesweda
For a singer it's not easy to find a drummer who makes a perfect match. Holger does, as he is a subtile player, in permanent dialogue, aware of  the moment, constantly creating the adequate sound whilst swinging straight forward.
He studied in Arnheim (NL) with Renee Cremers and graduated 1997 at Musikhochschule Mannheim with Keith Copeland .
Holger Neswada curates the program "New Jazz Voices" , he is in great demand by Theatre Productions due to his conciuosness of sound and varied technical and rhythmical repertoire, and he was touring with Ack van Rooyen, worked  a.o. with Laith Al Deen and many others.
His latest work was the CD-production "Do Lennie Tristano" of his band "Tonegallery" (2016, Laika Records): ""Very well done! Too bad Lennie & Warne couldn’t have heard it, too!!"  said   Lee Konitz about the album.
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